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What is Holigoodie?

Holigodie is a Social Network for Timeshare Owners and those who love travelling.  This is the Online Platform where Members can interact with other Members from the same or different Club and share stories, experiences, thoughts or simply making new friends.

What can you do?

At Holigodie you can connect to Real People online.  You can create Posts, Blogs, Upload your Photos or Videos.  Share your Tips and Tricks for Travelling.  Join Forums or even Create One.    Write it, Shoot it, Publish it.

Holigoodie Social Network

Why Holigoodie?

Holigoodie is the First StandAlone Social Network outside the Social Media Platform. Our Network gives you more intimacy and you can do so much more here.  Yes, we know there are plenty of Timeshare Groups and Forums in the Social Media Platform. so what makes us different.  We are no different.

However, with the ever-changing rules and algorithms in the Social Media Platform, you have no control.  You don’t own any rights to your posting or even your photos or videos.  You keep jumping platform to platform looking for your niche.

Now, you don’t have to.  Holigoodie can be your One-Stop Source for that Timeshare and Travel dose.

Start Making Friends Now!